OUR IoT connection solutions

TNF enables your IoT connection solutions with operator independent carriers, regional and local wholesale M2M data for your cellular IoT solutions. Our industrial IoT services allow you to manage and control all your M2M SIMS through one easy and transparent offer. A standardized multi-operator SIM gives a seamless local and global internet experience via the most reliable SMS, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G M2M data services. 

We support you no matter what sector you're in. We offer bespoke services for IoT security solutions, Industrial IoT solutions, Agricultural IoT SIMS and M2M SIMS for fleet management and healthcare.


"Create and build your own iot connection solutions, control your own M2M / IoT SIM Cards and have access to global IoT data plans."

Make a difference with our IoT connection solution

Whatever IOT solution you choose, all of them have all networks operating from one single (e-)SIM and one single IMSI. One IMSI is very important when it comes to the fastness and stability of roaming needed for less ‘intelligent’ hardware applications So network switching within and cross countries goes fast and smooth.

Our IoT services supports all countries worldwide, where multiple networks per country are available to create an even bigger availability. You as a partner can make the difference by offering the services on multiple networks in your country where your competition only offers one.


IoT Connection Solutions Features

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- Low usage volume
- eSIM & eUICC
- Multiple networks per country for extra high availability and performance
- 1 SIM all countries

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IoT Services

- Operator neutral 2G, 3G ,4G, 5G, eSIM, ChipSIM and Physical IoT SIM
- White label model IoT solutions
- Custom profiles per project or IoT solution
- Multi layer IOT portal for SIM management and reporting

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IoT Solutions Security

- Private APN
- Fixed IP addresses
- Data Traffic Black and Whitelisting (content filtering)
- IMEI locking per SIM to avoid misuse

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IoT Solutions features

- Single IMSI (identity) for seamless roaming anywhere, always
- 200 countries, 750+ networks
- Location based insights

IoT SIM applications

Smart IoT Applications | Sensors | Monitoring | Track and Trace | Asset Management | IOT Connectivity | Remote Maintenance | And many more


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