Mobile internet

In this era of ‘’always on’’ and the unstoppable growth of the smart revolution the demand for professional, industry standardized mobile connectivity gets bigger and bigger. This type of connectivity needs to be offered without limitations and with full flexibility on all aspects.


"Our portfolio provides high
quality mobile connectivity in any
professional environment."



As an independent operator, we decide together with you the required settings and terms. Settings like the networks needed, eSIM or physical, bundle size or pay per use, postpaid or prepaid, pooled or individual and terms from a weekend till 36 months.

Worldwide footprint

Our footprint is worldwide +200 countries and supported by +750 networks servicing multiple networks per country. Both Single as Multi IMSI. Multiple networks per country give your key processes extra high availability and certainty. The mobile connectivity is delivered by a physical SIM Card, eSIM technology or based on so called ChipSIMs, where we configure the required network profile to the chip in your device or hardware.

mobile internet worldwide footprint2


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- Mid and high volume usage
- No roaming restrictions within Europe
- Multiple networks per country for extra high availability and performance
- 1 SIM all countries
- High upload by symmetric speed settings
- Upload equal to download speeds

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- Operator neutral 2G, 3G ,4G, 5G, eSIM, ChipSIM and Physical SIM
- White label model
- Build your own
- Multi layer operator portal for SIM management and reporting

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- Private APN
- Fixed IP addresses
- Data Traffic Black and Whitelisting (content filtering)
- IMEI locking per SIM to avoid abuse

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- Single & Multi IMSI (identity) for seamless roaming anywhere, always
- Open unlimited data throughputs
- eSIM
- 200 countries, 750+ networks


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