Partner reseller services

We deliver our services to partners and resellers who want to distinguish themselves and deliver added value in the markets in which you operate or want to develop in.

TNF connects seamlessly with your business model. We offer a clear model in which we equip you with all our global connectivity services. Our services are tier 1 high-quality and contain innovative elements such as eSIM (eUICC) related to our mobile portfolio. Dedicated internet offers great and complete services which are set available European wide and off course carrier neutral covering all local operators.

Partner reseller2

The cooperation includes the required IT tools, wholesale rates, branding and the support shaped as you need it.

  • Build your own services with your own conditions
  • Supply your end customers with a proven total solution
  • Add a new income model with direct Customer ownership
  • Benefit from our buying power and availability of services globally
  • Differentiate by selling services based on industrial standards and the latest technologies such as eSIM (eUICC)
  • Benefit by adding our telecom- and business development experience and boost your success rate to a higher level.

Build your own

Build the exact proposition you need for your customer demand or the market you want to develop.

  • White label to become your own provider
  • Set your own country and network profile
  • Worldwide coverage from 1 Global SIM Card
  • eSIM & ChipSIM options
  • Select and de-select networks and countries in web-based portal
  • Tariff per network or set of networks
  • Including web based back end portal for all required operator needs
  • Support high , mid or low volume propositions
partner resell. build your own